United Air Temp Air Conditioning & Heating Complaint


AHS and United Air Temp are the biggest scam companies I ever dealt with. United Air Temp used scare tactics to rip you off your money. They would qoute you with unnecessary work with an outrageous estimate. When you complain to AHS about UAT way of scamming people they would side with UAT. They are probably in cohoots because no honest AC company would sign up with AHS to be their sub-contractors. UAT told me that my ac evaporator coil is leaking and that there are items that are not covered by AHS. UAT told me that they will install a primary switch float for $290 and that is a new code that is required. I called the county development and was told that existing unit do not have to conform with the new code and that only applies to a new system. UAT tried to charge me $100 to dispose my evaporative coil. I told them that I will dispose it myself. They took it anyway with no charge since there is some copper there that they could make money off. However, they ripped me off of $395 for plenum modification. I watched the installers the whole time and all they did was a couple of snips so that the new evaporator casing would fit on top of the furnace. They call that plenum modification and charged me $395 for it. That’s a big ripoff. Stay away from United Air temp and AHS.

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