united airlines Denver Colorado Review


United Airlines SUCKS. They have caused me and my family so much stress this past month. Our first bad experience with this company is that we paid a lot of money for a flight from San Juan to Houston to Denver with out any on flight entertainment. Okay so that’s not too bad, we had some books, whatever. But then we get into Denver at 10:40 pm and there is a little rainstorm. ( It was barely raining..Just a little bit of wind and some clouds) We have to wait four hours for our luggage. The supervisor in Denver at the baggage claim kept telling us ” It will be here in ten minutes. It’s just a little late from the “”storm.”” “” We were told this about every thirty minutes for four hours. Did they do anything to compensate for our time and the money we spent on baggage? No. Absolutely nothing. I would have never booked a ticket with United but I had some credit left from a flight I switched awhile back. Second bad experience was today. I live two hours from the Denver Airport. My flight is at 1:11. I get to the airport at 11:30. I grab something to eat knowing I have enough time to get through security and make it to my gate by 12:50. Security had a bit of a line but I get through by 12:30. I don’t have much experience with airports but I have never been late for a flight. My gate is B81. It’s almost the furthest gate. Security probably should have told me to hurry knowing my gate was that far and seeing it was already 12:30. Anyway

I hurry to my gate and make it there at 1:01. EXACTLY. They say they close the door ten minutes before the departure time… Well I got there and the door was shut. Okay next step.. Ask the person at my gate what I should do and find the next flight. He looks at my boarding pass and says I might be able to get on the plane he just needs to ask someone. I explain to him that it’s extremely important I get on the flight for many reasons. ( I am moving to Austin for three months

My bag is on the plane

I don’t have any money on me to get a hotel for the evening

I don’t have money for another shuttle to drive me two hours back to Vail

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