United Business Solutions Seattle Area Washington Review


The people in the call center for United Business Solutions, LLC are completely nuts.Several months ago they started calling, offering deals on printer cartridges. We took their information and let them know we’d call when we needed supplies. They continued to call and we repeated ourselves, thinking maybe they did not understand because they had pretty think accents. I started ignoring the calls. The number changed and I picked it up. It was another solicitor from United Business Solutions. She was incredible – in a terrible way. I could not speak without talking over her. She refused to listen to anything I had to say that had the word “no”” in it. We told her the same thing

over and over. I asked her to stop calling. I blocked her calls but she got through on other numbers. One was local (206) for Seattle. I had to get angry with her to let her know she was bothering us and that she needed to stop calling. She had been calling 2-3 times a week!!This last call

she finally stopped after arguing with me that she was only trying to let me know…blah


blah. Like I hadn’t heard that before. After I got mad

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