United Furniture Warehouse Complaint


Bought a beautiful dining room set, loveseat and couch…not told that it would have to be assembled…delayed for more than 4 times..when it was finally delivered was a little upset had asked movers if they could help move other older furniture out on the lawn, said no, said fine was little short with them, instead of continuing to do their job what do they do they take off!!! Is that the most insane delivery you’ve ever heard of? Albeit i shouldn’t have gotten frustrated. No furniture after being promised it would be delivered over the duration of 2 months. Then!!! They come back and that’s it had to unwrap the whole enchilada. Soon after a bill comes in for finance charges which I’d been told would be do not pay for 1 year…what a crock!!! Needless to say the credit card company will do a little reminder call and at the best times, dinner, at 7 a.m. not even awake yet on a saturday to boot, this evening they called well over 8 times when I’d asked who they were and why they were calling..half the time they don’t even leave messages they just call and then hang up. So the actual store leaves a message the other day to say hey after it beiong delayed again for two busted chairs and delivery was supposed to be done oct.25/07 misinformed by their supposed system. This company i tell you is the absolute WORST, they’re manager when asking for a head office address this evening hung up on me over 6 times. All I want is a nice smooth sale no hangs up no delays no problem. I also work in the service industry and if I treated my customers this way I wold be promptly fired. Well i’m sure that this complaint will go no where fast

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