United Lending Services Co. Review


this morning i received a telephone call from united lending services with return phone # ‘646 653 4442 x anthony’, promising me a $15,000.00 loan at 7% APR with terms being $250/mo x 68 months = $17,000 total repayment and with no early payment penalty, so it sounds great ((good!)) so far!!follow up phone calls stated they need an activation (and registration) fee of $250.00 and since i can save approximately $35.00 fees for money gram, western union, or direct wire transfer from my bank, they ((anthony)) suggested to me that i should buy $250.00 worth of itunes cards and call again 2017.11.02.07:30 tomorrow morning with card(s) information.i was promised that within a few hours tomorrow after the ((transfer)) telephone call, all of $15,250 (($15,000 + $250)) would be direct deposited in my ***** ***** bank account with the acct #**********, information this company received on the telephone call! your bbb message on this posted website indicates, however, that over 50 complaints are in process against the ‘united lending services’ company?what should we do now, since the $250.00 advance registration doesn’t sound legit? also, anthony, of the company in question, stated since the company isn’t a merchant, they can’t directly transfer my bank account funds to them and ultimately would need to go the ‘itunes gift cards’ way.i am open to work with the ‘ScamPulse.com’ to complete court action in regards of this loan company, so please let me know in detail how you would like me ((and the two of us)) to proceed from here? anthony of united lending services company is expecting a $250.00 itunes phone call from me 07:30 tomorrow morning, that’s 2017.11.02.07:30 PST’cordially,******* ***** ***** ** ** ***

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