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TI waited until 10:30 the 4 then I called the customer service line. The woman said she would look into it and see what was going on. She called me back and said it would eiher be after 2 pm the 4th or the next day. I told her I needed things out on the 4th she said she will see what she can do. She calls me at 1pm the 4th said its going to be tomorrow and nothing can be done about it. She had a bad attitude when I started to question her why . It became a screaming match because she became nasty with me. so there was nothing I could do. I was told they would be there between 9-11 on 10/5/18.the morning of the 5th the driver calls me and says he won’t be there until after 3pm. I gt really upset again calling that womn from their customer service department, which was very nasty once agay to me. I got really upset with her told her I wanted to speak to her boss and of course she was very nasty to me for doing that. About 30 minutes later this guy calls me saying his name to me who he was and had th e gull to call me an angry person. But not listening to what I had to say. They cost me another night 2 roms at a hotel and another day renting a car. but that didnt matter to him. So the truck finally arrives and they start unloading my storage unit wrapping my antique furinture in torn ragged movers blankets. the driver comes to me said its 125.00 more for wrapping my fruriture. I wasn’t happy about it but agrred to pay. He got the truck half loaded when he came to me and told me it was an additional 500.00 due to space. They upcharged me for thier mistake. They kept pussing for more money. They treated me like dirt Boyton florida

3335 S Federal Hwy, Apt H Boyton, florida United States


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