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I recievied 2 missed calls on my cell phone at 09:41 & 09:57am. When I listened to the message left by this Indian speaking individual, I have to say he was ring convincing and scared the hell out of me. When I heard the message the phone number was from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dispatch Department by a dispatcher named Dispatcher Cameron. The message stated that a complaint from an Officer Mike Black from the Federal Department of the U.S. Trade Commission had filed complaint on me and it was reported to the sheriff’s department. I was also told that I had a warrant out for my arrest and I was to contact officer Mike Black. It sounded so real that I freaked out and began to stress out badly. My heart was beating so fast I could feel it pounding in my chest. I am a heart attack patient and in March I had a triple bypass procedure performed to give me another extended chance on living. I was not feeling well When I called the number given to me to speak with Officer Black. When I called the 409 area code number, a feel a with an Indian accent picked up the phone and began to speak. As I heard his voice, it was the identical voice I heard on my cell that hcall leaded my from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s phone number. I was instructed to go to my nearest Sheriff’s office and turn myself in so that they could put me behind bars. This jerk had transfered me to an officer Black, and he introduced himself as Captain Black. That is when I knew something was not true. First of All if I had a warrant out for my arrest, they would have picked me up already. I was charged with Child porn on the Internet. I was charged with not paying back United Cash Advance for a loan I took out. I was charged for fraudulent banking. I was charged with Internet fraud. I was charged with Internet harrassment. And I was charged with not paying the IRS. I was also told that if I didn’t want to be arrested, all Imhad to do was to pay this jerk a restitution fee of over $90K. If I didn’t want to accept his offer so that I could be dropped from the Sheriff’s database, then there would be nothing he could do to save me from being arrested. As I asked him to mail me these documents to home one, he started to get verbally hostile and angry because I was interrupting him as he spoke. He began yelling. So as he was talking, I hung up and disregarded this jerk. I did look up the number that was the 213 area code number. It was a number to the Sheriffs’s Courthouse. I called about three times because the phone kept on ringing as nobody was answering. on the fourth try, the phone was picked up by a official officer of the courts. I had asked him if he could verify for me if in fact there was an Sheriff’s Dispatnamed with the last name of Cameron. There was no such individual working there. When I asked him if he could do me a favor and check to see if my name was in a database for warrants, he said he would do that for me. He could tell I was stressed out. When he asked me for my last and first name with spelling, he looked up my name, and told me, “You are not in our database. There is no record of you in the system?” If there had been, and this complaint was dated a few weeks ago, then they would have picked me up already and I would not be a free man. if I were to have had a third heart attack because of this scam, if I were to have made it through, I would do everything I could to look up these aholes and press charges as much as I could and sue the h*** out of these jerks. One day I hope they will get caught because they are a danger to us all. For all we know they are also working for ISIS!!!!

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