Universal Family Connection, Inc Complaint


Charles Montalbano the owner of nat mod closed that company and opened a new one.This ones name is United Financial Consultants. There address is 280 Middle Country road, suite s Selden, NY 11784 ufccorp.net Seems Charlie has a new scam. Not paying the salesman!!! I have been working for this deadbeat for 2 months. Here what he did to me and two others.[He pays on the 1st and the 15th] Instead of mailing me my check.He tells me that ANOTHER agent of his had alot of bounced checks, and that his bank froze his acct for 180 days.??? I told him that has nothing to do with me and i want and need my money. His bottom line was he don’t have it, and we all need to wait.So i guess i am at your mercy charlie.. Here’s his new game-he has his agents, selling loan audits then charging the homeowner $100 IF and after they get modified.Some clients pay up to $3000 for that loan audit… Suite s is a corner store, i think it was a bakery? Steven Walker, the one who wrote the rebuttal.He is charlie boys father in law.Charlie fired him btw:Guys all class huh I used all my real info signing up, if there is a lawyer that is interested in this case, please contact me.The three of us are owed over $15, 000 So far NONE of my clients received a modification or even received their loan audit.They are lucky if they get a phone call back.These people are not happy. Anybody want to take a guess what his new companies name will be?I give this place 3 more months See you in court charlie, i just did a google search on you.Seems there is already a lawsuit coming up against you..Another salesman you didn’t pay This is a great site, great place to send all my unhappy clients too. Give my clients back there money..you took it and did nothing! Karma baby…it’s a ###. UFC…As far as this company is concerned.Do yourself a favor.STAY AWAY Revealing the truth…He a theif.

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