Universal Models and Talent Los Angeles California Review


In January of 2017, the Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer filed a 7 count criminal complaint against Network International Models and Talent, run by Patrick (aka Patrik) Simpson and Paul Atteukenian. The pair quickly dumped the name Network International Models and Talent and renamed themselves Universal Models and Talent. The are still at the same location at 215 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 215 in Beverly Hills. BUYER BEWARE! Those hopeful of entering the fields of modeling or acting are typically shown a demo video of films produced, directed or otherwise involving contributions by Harvey Lowry. But although Michael Richards claims to be a producer on many of the films and also claims that Mr. Lowry is the “Big Boss””

there is no evidence of this. You will not find Michael Richards’ name on any of the film credits. He also claims that he produced a movie called “”Paranormal””. The inference is that he is refering to “”Paranormal Activity””. Wrong! This is all a ruse to impress wide-eyed


dreamers. Is Mr. Lowry really associated with this company? Individuals from a lead list are solicited by phone or email and invited to a “”Talent Search””. Anyone who wants to attend the session is welcomed. These individuals are pitched a $1

300 fee for specific “”services””. But don’t believe what I say

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