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Complaint: Employment discrimination Feel free to Look into this company if interested Narrative: Multiple times I apply for Patient Services Representative position;it was posted on I have high school Diploma,College course and along with more than 7 years related work experiences, base on what is publicly diversities. I qualify for this position.However, my application was reject Multiple times by HR personnel citing no other requirement Iu2019m very concern that there is clear evidence of pretext discrimination going on during recruitment and bias employment selection.In University of Minnesota Physicians HumanResources office I believe the reason I was not select for a job is clearly discriminative selection practice against certain groups of race and believe without regard for whether one qualified. I believe University of Minnesota Human Resources have unlawful discriminating against by rejecting refusal to consider me for position which I qualified There are certainly more victims before me and more will be after me unless some action is taken against . Immediately,I now ask you to please take whatever corrective actions you are able to ; reports this discrimination practice. Please see below example experiment with which I come to the conclusion. I had sent out same resume with applications under a white-sounding name u2014 and callbacks, Request to schedule interviews started rolling in almost immediately. I had applied with the same resumes and position for over 100 jobs posted on that matched my qualifications, but hadn’t gotten a bite. Then decided to send out 100 resumes with American sounding names ! got over 25 callbacks and schedule interviews. This experiment does appear to reveal some serious bias and inherent in hiring policie Thank you Sincerely Said Ex-Muslim

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