Urban Active Nashville Tennessee Review


When I originally signed up for a personal trainer at Urban Active it was because I had to pass a military PT test in two months. I was willing to sacrifce $400 a month to 0pass this test. Since then, the test date has been moved back 6 months. I am now trying to change my training from 4 times a week to 2 times a week. They won’t do it because I signed the contract for one year. I was told at the begining that I could change the amount of times I saw a trainer. The person that signed me up is no longer there. He quit! I’m still trying to see who needs a personal trainer for 4 times a week for one year! I’m not preparing for Mr. Universe! From what I’ve read in other reports, this company is only about making money. That’s the reason for the contracts! And as everyone else mentions, it’s impossible to get hold of someone to file a complaint. If given the chance, I will never say anything good about Urban Active and I will recommend any other fitness center. Oh, did I mention that many of their treadmills are always broke?

Murfreesboro Pike ANtioch, Tennessee United States of America

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