Urban Flats/Waterford Location orlando Florida


Complaint: i would suggest for people to stay away from this urban flats location. the staff there are very nice but the management and manager ‘john’ is a jerk thief and steals from consumers and rips them off intentionally puts less food in their orders lies to them… for me it is too bad i did not pay with a credit card so i can get a refund for getting ripped off by the crooks that work here. i ordered a flatwich sandwich a few times while going out with friends, and decided to get a take out order once. For some reason the take out order I got had a lot of oil on it–due to possible caramelized onions and brushing of oil they put on there. I didn’t feel liek complaniing but there was no way I could eat the sandwich with the amt of oil they put on there so I asked them to remake it– the manager ‘john’ who is alos the ‘main manager’ and the ‘kitchen’ manager and made the sandwich claims that they barely brush ‘any’ oil on there…they remade it and he said he would brush a ‘little’ amt of oil on there–the 2nd sandwich they made– they claimed had ‘no oil’ on it…but when i opened it up- there was stil a lot of oil they brushed on there. yes i felt bad for calling back and felt horrible but i could not eat the sandwich and cannot eat a lot of oil. I asked if they could remake it this one last time.. and that i was really sorry and felt bad… and please not put anything on there– so they did and finally made it right– there was no oil…and it was fine– that’s the way I usually get it when i eat there…two days later I ordered take out again… claiming ‘no oil’ on the sandwich. I believe the manager John then had a vendetta to screw me over because of the ‘previous experience’ he had having to remake two sandwiches. He seems to think that b/c he had to remake two sandwiches that one time that if I ordered again, he could put less chicken on this sandwich –much less chicken and rip me off. I picked up the sandwich and the guy said to me “oh they knew it was you and put no oil on it or had made it before”” so I thought ok cool they got it right this time…. well not only did they rip me off

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Address: they gave much less salad than they were supposed to– but they put much less chicken– there were a few bits and pieces of chicken in the sandwich—this is an 8.00 sandwich and is generally huge. in fact I had 1/4 left from the last time I got it still sitting in my fridge and there was more chicken in that quarter than there was in the entire sandwich that they had just made for me. I knew I was getting ripped off but I didn’t know it was done intentionally. I called back again so embarrassed to be calling back ‘complaining’ again and felt raelly really horrible. but i knew that sandwich had like no chicken in it. I ended up talking to the p***k manager “”john”” and even saying I’m so sorry I know I complained before…but there is barely any chicken on that sandwich. Knowing the kind of sadistic twisted people that are present in today’s society I should have known it was all done intentionally probably so he could find another reason to say that I was just a complaining customer. He explained how he spent 20.00 on sandwiches on me before

Website: steal from them and rip them off– all because they had remade sandwiches on a previous order? this is a chain restaurant….how can they even get away with this. They flat out refused a refund

Phone: and that I ‘always complain”” (this is the 2nd time ive ordered from them altogether)… and he seemd to be getting off on this…. he basically just admitted that because he had to remake the sandwich twice before

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