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Complaint: When does a contractor deserve the designation of BAD and DISHONEST? Its when they do terrible work, do not stand by their work and fail to adhere to a contract. This partly describes my $15,000 loss by using Urban Kitchen and Bath of Clearwater, FL Other flooring contractors have told us that only removing the damaged floor and replacing it with new flooring ($15000) will get us back to what we contracted for. Urban Kitchen and Bath was contracted to install an engineered wood floor that the installing crew left not glued to the floor (many hollow spots) and the surface covered with dried adhesive. After numerous calls and emails to Jered Snelson (owner of Urban Kitchen and Bath) he finally sent, about a week later, a different two man crew to remove what was now cured and hardened adhesive on the floors surface. The Urban Kitchen and Bath workers complained that they couldnt get the hardened glue off the floor. One worker pointed out several areas on the floor where he rubbed for hours trying to remove the cured adhesive using chemicals without success. It was very visible to me that the factory finish (25 year warranty) was damaged beyond repair. Later the same day, I caught the Urban Kitchen and Bath workers applying a urethane-based rejuvenator compound (used only for old, worn floors) to cover-up the damage they caused using harsh chemicals (acetone and mineral spirits) when trying to unsuccessfully remove the cured glue. The scratch resistant factory applied finish (25 year warranty) was now covered with an easy to scratch, sticky rejuvenator top coat that no one seems to know how to remove including Urban Kitchen and Bath. Jered Snelson told us that we caused the problem and there was nothing he could do. Subsequently, Mr. Snelson said he just didnt have the money to make the necessary repairs. Then, through mediation conducted through the Better Business Bureau he agreed to and signed an agreement to attempt to correct the situation. He did nothing and the contract deadline has long passed. Most of what Jered Snelson didn’t do he documented in emails to me. I contacted the National Wood Flooring Association and they suggested that one of their Certified Floor Inspectors examine the floor and issue a report of his findings. The extensive final report including 22 photographs said the floor looks awful and was actually installed wrong. Many installation problems were discovered by the inspector which is supported by extensive written commentary and 22 photographs. I have worked with many contractors over the years on small to very large projects. However, the very worst of my experiences is with Jered Snelson and Urban Kitchen and Bath. PS: Jered Snelson took our $5000.00 deposit and kept telling us the wood floor material was out of stock. After calling the manufacturer and asking if the flooring material was out stock and when would it be available the reply was “We have not been out of stock””. Apparently

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Address: Jered Snelson uses his customer’s monies to finance other things and lies about why the job was not being started after more than a 6 week wait for an “”immediate”” promised start.”


Phone: 12950 58th St Clearwater, Florida United States of America

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