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The car I bought and my story. I found this car on Ebay. I realize how stupid it is to buy a car on Ebay site unseen but because of the “Trust and Honesty” I expected from a so-called “Powerseller” and a conversation with Alex the salesperson. I thought I was dealing with reputable people. So here is how it went… I made a best offer on this car and instead of agreeing to the price with Ebay Alex, the salesman, called me directly and said he would take basically take my offer and agreed to sell me the car, with shipping for $7500. However, before I said yes, I had a specific conversation with Alex about the condition of the car. I told him “I am very picky” I am replacing my classic BMW 3 series that was recently totaled. I went on to explain how perfect the car that I was replacing was and I wanted one just like it. He promised that the car was perfect! I asked specific questions about the interior. How clean is it? Any rips, stains, or cracks? He said no sir, it’s perfect. I repeated and said I will be really pissed if this car isn’t what you say it is. He said it is the cleanest 2005 he has ever seen! So i made the mistake of trusting what i would soon find out to be was a compulsive liar. He asked me to give him $500 deposit on credit card and wire him money and he would ship the car the next day! Boy was I excited! My perfect 2005 BMW was on the way. Well, maybe not. 3 days went by and I called Alex about the shipment. Turns out the car was never sent. Again he promised and again no car. days later same conversation and no car! After 2 weeks of this BS, i called my bank and asked them to do a fraud investigation. My banker, called the owner Ken Behr and he said he would straighten it out with me ASAP. Kenny Behr then called me and promised me he was going to detail the car, change the oil and get in the truck and I would have it by Wednesday. He promised me it was all a misunderstanding and he was handling it now. Cane you guess what happened next?! That’s right no car again! I then called him and after a heated argument, he told me he was going to ship my with 100 fish-heads in the driver’s compartment. I guess this is what he calls good and honest service! All I wanted now was my money back. I no longer wanted the car and no longer wanted to do business with the two compulsive liars Alex and Kennith Behr. I demanded my money back to no avail! Alex told me I would never get my money back and Ken started in with his nasty overtures. Anyway, this went on for a few days until I got an email from Alex with a copy of the bill of lading that he had shipped my car. Maybe just maybe, I thought for a second, did I over react. Was I finally getting the car that Alex said was perfect except for a small stain in the passenger seat? Was it really coming? Read the next heading! This car is a piece of garbage! Finally the drivers pulls up with the car! My excitement is building. I can see it on the back of the car carrier and from 50 feet away, boy did I think i was going to feel like a schmuck. (That was what Ken told me I was going to feel like when I got it. He said in one of our email battles). Then I saw the first issue. A quarter size chip in the paint on the rear bumper. The bumper that was also obviously repainted at least once before and poorly at that. Then car rolled off the car carrier and the headlight lenses were so fogged that you could even see if they had lights in them. It was missing the tow cover on the front and the front bumper was out of wack slightly. Was I crazy, shouldn’t I have noticed this in the pictures on Ebay? I went back and looked! I even blew the pictures up so i could see detail in pictures. The pictures showed non of this! My guess, the reason I didn’t get the car right away was because they crashed it and needed time to fix it! But then, the interior from hell! First thing I notice is the rear view mirror is filled with a black goo and you can’t see with it! Then I start the car. immediately the radiator light warning light comes on! Oh did I tell you he said he was going to fill it with gas?! No I didn’t but he said he would. Of course it came with an almost completely empty tank. But, let’s go on… The radio does not work, one of the window control switches is broken, and the interior looks like it went through hell and back. Besides being disgustingly dirty it is worn and cracked in several places. The door panel was abrased and the floor kick panel looked like someone kicked it with heavy duty boots and smashed it. Of course I immediately emailed both Ken Behr and Alex and they both basically told me TOO BAD! Alex had the nerve to repeat to me that he only said “it the nicest 2005 car i have seen in while”! The roof does not open and it needs major repairs! The BMW dealer I took quoted over $8000 worth of repairs just to get running! Well folks that says it all there. If this is an example of the nicest car he has seen in a while. RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS DEALER! As for me, I have learned a $7500 lesson. Never buy a car sight unseen and never trust US Auto in Pompano Beach. I hope I saved you from the rip-off I have gone through.

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