US bank Inland Empire California Review


5/23/207 Around 10:17 AM Location: US Bank 3580 Grand Oaks Corona, Ca. 92881 This is an amazing story. The night before, 05/22/2017 at 22:16 hours a deposit of $1,900 CASH was placed in the ATM. The machine prints a receipt stating u201cA machine error has occurred and we are not able to credit your account or return the money. Please contact the bank…….u201d We contacted the bank immediately on their 800 number, they assured us the machine will fix the problem by the morning. I knew better…. In the morning, on 5/23/2017 at about 10:17 AM I walk into the branch with a great positive attitude. I waited for the manager, she comes out after a few minutes and states she was in a car accident to some other people that were there. I waited just listening even tho I was there way before them. They wanted to add 2 names to their account. Anyhow, the manager comes and says u201chiu201d, I replied u201chiu201d. Then she says what do you need, sound weird right? I stated u201cthe ATMu201d…then she just stops me and says u201cNothing I can do, why would you use a machine?u201d.. I immediately smiled and said u201cyou know who I amu201d . She said u201cno, but someone called and called the other home branch and is trying to get the moneyu201d. I said are you sure it’s about my account, was it u201cu201dNAMEu201du201d?u201d And she said u201cyesu201d. I said u201cawesome can I tell you what’s going onu201d, then we stepped in her office and immediate she again said in a loud voice u201cwhy do you people use the machine, use humansu201d. I stated u201cbecause it was at about 10 or 11 pm, you are closed and isn’t that what an AMTu201d… and she kept cutting me off, being loud. She was so rude , wouldn’t even let me finish one sentence, I said, u201caren’t we on Cameras, why are you so against me?u201d then she kind of came down, but not really. She kept raising her voice to the level of yelling. I told her u201cyou are the manager? Why are you so rude, why wont you listen or even try to listen, this is a business account and that we need the money for our operational costu201d she kept getting louder and louder, so I saidu201d You don’t know me, this is the era of social media, I will do everything to get his story out and get you firedu201d. She yelled u201cget out, DONT YOU THREATEN ME, give me your name nowu201d, and just kept FOAMING at the mouth from being so angry and rude. I decided to just get up, I said u201c I’m leaving now, you are too rude, have a good dayu201d. Walked out ROBBED by US Bank and the manager. I kept dealing with the bank, so did other business members. No one has helped. This is going on to the THIRD day, US Bank has stolen our cash. Someone needs to discuss human behavior and actions with the manager Denise Upham. Horrible, horrible, rude person. She will cause many to feel the way we do.

3580 Grand Oaks Corona, California USA



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