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Complaint: Appproximately 11 years ago I had a KIA SORENTO EX. I exchanged the KIA in 2011, yet I continue to receive the mailings from US Car Protection pertaining to an extended warrenty. I have contacted them over the phone and in writing to explain to them I no longer have the KIA and that they need to stop sending me these ridiculous mailings that look as if it is an official document. Approximately 4 months ago on advise from my attorney we sent them a CEASE and DESIST Letter advising them that legal action will take place if we receive any more mailings from this company. Well, they apparently think they are above the law because they sent us another of their mailings. Apparently this is the type of company that does not care if they are in a legal battle or not. Their records are out of date and they do not care. Apparently they feel that a legal court battle is worth the fight because they have not stopped with their mailings to me. I have blocked their number from my phone but the calls continue. The next step will be to see them in court. The sad part of this is…all they care about is the bottom line…not the customer or the fact that they are not legit (my opinion). I just wonder how many people actually fall for this scam?

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Address: 5114 Balcones Woods Dr. Ste. 307-286 Austin, Texas USA


Phone: 1-866-721-6880

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