us security associates commerce city Colorado


Complaint: I’m a former employee of us security associates I didn’t have problems with the company at first until my car accident last year. I have had doctor appointments and the last appointment I had I give them enough notice that they could have someone work my shift but they didn’t do it. The night before my appointment the next day I let my supervisor know that I was not going yo be in and that is when I was told I had to report yo work I text him the next morning and said I can’t come in I’m already at my doctors and I was told not to report to work. That I was going to be resigned But it seems like since my accident they didn’t want to work with me They resigned me only to write me up for things I did not do and just found out today that my Last day was the 18 of September I had no clue Stay away from this company

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: 9101 Kenyon avenue denver, Colorado USA


Phone: 3035711000

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