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I began working for USA Chatline in Dec 2010 and quit sometime after Jan 2011 when they failed to pay me. Its true that they have no problem whatsoever phoning you and sending emails asking you to log on at any time of the day or night. But try getting in touch with them to pay you and its a different story.I eventually received a message from Valarie stating that TWO of my paychecks (one for December 2010 and one for January 2011) had been returned to their office. I provided them with another address and was told that they would issue the checks again. A week went by and I never received a thing. When I phoned dispatch, they said that there was no money in the account and they would have to cut the checks again. They claimed the checks would be mailed out on Friday. Which meant, I should have received them no later than Tue the following week. When the checks failed to arrive, I phoned dispatch and was told that the checks were mailed out on Monday. When the checks still failed to arrive by the end of the week, I phoned dispatch again and was told they were mailed on Friday. It was two weeks or so before I finally received ONE paycheck. When I phoned to ask about the other since I had been told there were TWO checks, Valarie insisted that two had been mailed and suggested that I send an email regarding the matter to “[email protected]“”Well

instead of properly answering my question about the SECOND check

they played dumb and would only acknowledge that ONE check had been sent. When I contacted them again about the other check

they rudely responded with this statement:We will continue to send the SAME response. Please read your e-mail: This is the address we have in the system. We mailed the check on Friday.”

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