USA Easy Mail Review


I applied for a "Mail Processing Manager" position through Once appli, I received an email within hours letting me know I got the position. The email had a link, instructing me to click on it to fill out the application. Before I filled it out, I tried to find out some information on it first. I went to the company website, that seemed legitimate. I hadn’t noticed any spelling or grammar issues, yet. I did notice that the website wasn’t the full name of the company ( but figured that either 1) that website was already taken, 2) assumed it was okay because it was only missing the "a" and wasn’t too big of a red flag. I "applied" using my name, address, phone number, 3 referrals, and went through about 20 question videos that was pulled from YouTube. The next day I received an email congratulating me on getting the position and had two attachments to fill out and sign, including a form for receiving method of payment via PayPal, MoneyGram or Western Union. Upon further investigating, I noticed a couple grammatical errors on their website, a phone number that goes to a voicemail for "Sarah Hall," and an address that belongs to a completely different company called "Glamour Closet," in which I called to confirm it was them and only them at the address listed. Please, beware of this scam. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is. I also attached the one of the two documents I received so that you can get a better understanding of what they’re putting out.

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