USA Living Lawton Oklahoma Review


A couple of years ago we purchased about eight thousand dollars worth of crap that we thought was furniture with a bogus warranty that we thought would be legit. Within the first few months of having the furniture… the seam on one of the couches had come unglued and they did repair that, so I give them cudos for the fact that they fixed that for us. During this time the top portion of the night stand has bubbled and the leather or pleather( whichever it is) has worn completely off in areas of the love seat in which we have not complained at all, however; last year our home was broken into and our couches were overturned in which the top portion and the end corner were damaged and the mechanism to push out the footrest didn’t function very well after that. The coffee table was a little scuffed but no big deal….however, our bedroom furniture was damaged. It was bad enough that the top of the nightstand had bubbled already, but when we were burglarized the yanked every drawer out of the dressers and tossed them throughout the room. Not only did they chip and scratch corners but the drawers had been yanked out so forcefully that some of the drawers have never rolled in and out correctly since. I took the police report to the USA Discounters when it was open… along with the pictures that were taken and spoke with the manager at the time. I was told that since the furniture wasn’t listed on the report that there wasn’t anything that could be done. Really?! Insurance doesn’t cover this…. I didn’t want money, all we wanted was for it to be fixed or replaced, isn’t that what I took out a warranty for? At this point and time I do not feel that I want replacement or repair for this furniture, I’ll chalk it up to “a lesson learned”” as i will never do business with this company again. I have never missed a payment and make my payments on time as I agreed. I honestly believe that this is not right

that i have been totally ripped off and received poor customer service. All I would asked for was to be reimbursed via credited to my account for the warranty that I have been paying on for years for nothing. On November 19th 2015 I called customer service in hope of gaining some customer dervice with a particular issue and was hung up on then when I called the number back was greeted with “”Hello”” and “”Yeah hold on””. Is this how we answer business calls now? In addition I was sent this email from the person whom I had been daling with. Mr. Randy Jackson

Have your wife complete the following: Please complete the application and reference sheet. Return it along with a copy of your most recent paystub and 2 forms of identification. Also include a brief letter explaining your hardship

why you fell behind

and why you are asking for a lower payment. Email or fax all documents to me right away. Our fax# is 757-689-4084. Respectfully

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