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Complaint: I Signed up for a 14 day free trial of usenext in Saturday october 1st 2016 they stated no charges would be filed until after my 14 day free trial was over but after 2 hours of terrible service i decided i didnt need 14 days. it was frankly horrible so i sent them an email to cancel. i received no response, i sent a support ticket that same night to usenext support and no response, i even faxed them a cancellation letter twice, also no response. the next day was sunday october 2nd 2016, i called their direct telephone number, but lo and behold it is an Automated system which no matter which option you choose, disconnects you saying all operators are busy at the present time. I tried 7 times yesterday and 5 today between 8am-6pm Central European time, which is their local tome zone. every single time i got the same Automated answer and hang up. then I sent another 10 emails to both email addresses I could find online, [email protected] and [email protected] and despite all efforts didnt receive even one reply. not even an auto-reply finally i contacted my bank which issued my credit card, and fould out that usenext had already charged my credit card….. despite saying they would not until after the 14 day free trial. understand I only signed up 2 days ago. I still am only on day 3 of the trial, and they have already charged my account….. 14 day free trial ot is not. they definitely are a scam and do everything possible that they can to not let you cancel. they actively hinder you from cancelling by obstructing you from contacting them. I sent 2 faxes, both went through and were acknowledged as received, BUT by whom. i didnt receive a response of any kind I sent 24 emails to 2 different emails that are supposedly for usenext, each went through without issue, no indication from my email server that there was any issue with delivery. but again without response, how do I prove they received them? everything they do is clouded in deceit. everything they do is designed so they can claim no responsibility. they are the Ultimate ripoff

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Address: Internet USA


Phone: +49 (0) 89 20 17 20 17

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