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I was called from Usma inc. Regarding a job interview. The lady who called me, said she was very impressed with my resume and wanted me to go in for an interview for an office position. I usually ask a few more questions if I don’t feel I have enough information to go in for the interview. This job offer was about a 40 min drive for me so I had to make sure it was worth going down there for the interview, so I asked her.. (After she told me it was an office position), if it was door to door and if it was hourly or all commission, she made it very clear that it was an office position paying 18$ an hour! Because it was an entry level management position. After she told me that, I agreed to go in for the interview. The next day, which was the day of the interview, I called again because I had a weird feeling, so I asked the same questions about the position, once again, she reassured me that it was an office position paying 18$ hourly. So I went in to the interview, and the guy interviewing me starting saying something about customer skills and marketing, so I asked him, “isn’t this an office position?” He told me it was not, it was a door to door position. I asked him, “so it is hourly then, right?” He said no, it was hourly for the first two weeks, (which was 9/hr) then once that time is up, it was all commission. I was so mad. I told him what the lady said to me when she asked me to go in for the interview. She made it very clear!! He then said I misunderstood her, because he listens to her making most of the calls. I was livid. I told him I asked her over and over and she clearly said it was an office position paying 18$ an hour. He once again said he is sorry that I misunderstood her! I drove 40 mins there and two hours back because of the traffic. This place is a scam! Do not even bother going in for an interview! .

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