Utah Valley University Orem Utah


Complaint: Back in 2008, I decided with determination to go back to school and pursue a degree in Computer Science. I decided that I would do all of my work and be persistent in getting my degree. After being away from school for awhile, I knew that I would qualify for financial aid, and I applied for financial aid to assist me in my pursuits to further my education. UVU practically forced me to get a short term loan while I wait for my financial aid to be awarded. The entire semester went by and I passed my classes, and my financial aid has yet to come in. I am very upset about this because they have since sent my short term loan to collections and they refuse to release my transcripts to me so I can pursue my education elsewhere. I feel that UVU mismanaged my account, and their short term loan option that has 18% interest accrual is not fair. I am willing to pay the principle amount since I did take the classes and did receive credit for every single class I took, but I will not pay the collections fees and 18% interest. These terms are ridiculous, and matches the institution. I am making this report because I have tried to work with UVU, but they refuse to remove the interest and fees. They also refuse to release my transcript. I have never dealt with such a ridiculous institution before. An institution that is money hungry and not willing to work with students that are trying hard to get a degree.

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Address: 800 West University Parkway Orem, Utah USA

Website: www.uvu.edu/

Phone: 801.863.4636

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