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We purchased a contract from Vacation Breeze, LLC ( ) on March 24, 2014 and would like to recover any, if not all of our payments made in the purchase. We have tried to use this program for hotels, air, resorts and all we get is delayed responses and a run around of “this is all we have available”. We have 3,000 reward dollars “Cash To Spend”, but the staff cannot guide us on how to use the reward program to best suit our request. We have not received our calls back in a timely manner on information of requested vacations. We have traveled extensively and upon purchase, we believed this would provide additional travel opportunities. Their trips are mostly dated with “availability”, not “our dates of requests”. The prices are not as appealing as their presentation declared. We have tried repeatedly to use this program and have compared costs with other travel services. Vacation Breeze overstates their program and does not back up their promises and services. We spent $7,245 on their program and are trying to recoup any if not all of the money. This company is devious, snaky, tricky in their presentations and sales pitch. Close down their business. .

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