Valerie Barnes – Grand Rapids, Michigan Michigan


My husband and I were going through a hard time. He posted several things on Facebook, about how devastated he was. He was depressed and lonely watching t.v. one night, this chic must be extremely desperate to go after a hurt married man, well she sent him a message on Facebook messenger, saying I’m not a creeper, do you want to go out for drinks. He said, he thought it would just be as friends. That was not Valerie’s intentions. After drinks, my husband was extremely intoxicated, she begged him to have more drinks at her place, dumbass did. She forced herself on him, he kept telling her he was not at all ready for that. It did not end well for her. He said it was gross, I’m not going to go into detail. She has a serious problem jumping from man to man. She has low self esteem, and brags about how smart, rich and hot she is.that might be why she has been in so many relationships, and married 3 times. She claim to be a devoted Christian yet she throws herself on married men. She also loves to talk on Snapchat, probably because she had a boyfriend the whole time. Watch out ladies, Valerie does not have good intentions.

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