Value Inn Ottawa ottawa Ontario Review


This was the worst experience ever!!! And the worst stay i have ever had at a motel. What happened was this i was givin a cash rate on the phone for 1000 bucks tax included for two rooms 1 room being a single bed another being two double beds. When i showed up i gave a 400 dollar deposit and the agreement was i pay the outstanding balance the next day. i got the room keys and went to our rooms. When i opened the door i was taken away by the smell it litterly smelt like mold and cat urine. learning lesson always look at the room before you take it. not to mention the sink was plugged up and there were hairs all thru the bed sheets so we slept with my close on and on top of the sheets. Lets just say it was a sleepless night that was for sure so now knowing this i didn’t want to stay there anymore so when the next day came i went and told him that i would be leaving and not staying for the full week he then didn’t want to give back the deposit and got very defensive and deactivated our keys to the room so we could not get our stuff out. So then he told me that because it was past 11 that we need to pay for another night when i looked at the time it was 11 30 so i said ok whatever then give me back the difference he then laughed at me and said no you owe me more money. long story short when he was done adding up the room totals for 2 nights it came to $535 for two nights for two rooms(know remember this is no taj mahal) which i said no to then he said you don’t get your stuff back. So being dumb i paid it after i paid another gentle men came in and asked how much a room was and he gave him a room for the night at a rate of 69.99. So i asked the owner that i was speaking too why he is charging me so much? He said cause i was a cash customer so i told him that i do have a visa we could put it on my visa so i could the same rate. His exact words were “SURE

NO PROBLEM TOMORROW MORNING WHEN YOU CHECK OUT BRING YOUR VISA AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE DIFFERENCE AND WE WILL CHARGE IT TO YOUR VISA.”” nThe next morning after staying at this dreadful place i went to pay with visa and get some of my money back

and when i walked in and asked to settle up he told me to get out and that he wasn’t giving me a penny! Talk about being takin advantage of right

he calls himself a business man but really hes a con. So i said i’m not leaving till you give me a receipt and charge the rooms on my visa. The police then was called and when they showed up i told them my side off the story and they were shocked when they heard that i paid 535 dollars for two rooms for two nights they couldn’t believe it but unfortunantly were unable to do anything but get me my receipt. So you go ahead and judge if this is right or wrong and if your thinking about staying there i advise otherwise. nPssstnottawa


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