Vanessa Ryder – Shawnee, Oklahoma Oklahoma


When I met my husband I was 19 and he was 31 . . We was dating for 5 whole years . . Within those 5 years I took care of his 4 kids and supported them while he was unemployed . . With the stress of working full time and having to still do housework and pay ALL the bills . . I was a b*tch.He cheated on me after 4 years into the relationship because I was”too controlling” and”degraded him” when I told him he needed to get a job . Granted, I told him I wanted him to have a daytime job . While I was at work he would go to the movies with her and go have dates and even went to her dr appts . For awhile he was trying to conceive with her . I’ve been going through rounds of fertility treatments and to no avail . He said he found something in her he’s never had. He was currently going through court and that’s where they met . She would look me in the eyes and tell me we need to hang out and stuff . . I thought she was my friend until my husband got drunk at the river and was messaging her through instagram feeling bad for her because she couldn’t have anymore kids . (She already has one) When I haven’t even got to have one. Of course he made me feel guilty and it was all my fault . I stayed home for a week because I couldn’t even go an hour without bawling my eyes out . She has a man named Andy and he was okay with the whole thing . They would have sex in her car and got jizz on her seat and her husband cleaned it up because she said she spilt something. . He said he’d gladly choose her son over me . So while I’m home with his 4 kids . . Still providing for them . . He went and spent days with her . She didn’t work either . . They said they thought of ways on how they would be able to be together . . When I contacted her husband he blocked me… So after all this . . I was destroyed . . So I went out any chance I could get and got drunk every weekend and had no regard for myself and what I did.

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