Vanilla Corp Associate (Alleged per Scammer)


Just got hit by a person posing as Alexis on instagram using the InstaGram ID of @lexisbby187.This person also uses the phone number 9046717778 and 6154361660 to text only but never for calls. She/He tried to get me to invest as much as I could muster up via a vanilla reload card purchased at CVS. I told her I only had $50 for the supposed flip after a little pressure, but she indicated that it was a little low, and convinced me to buy a $100 vanilla reload card at the minimum, which she promised would be flipped to $1000 with a $200 commission for her after the transaction. To cut the long story short, she took 4 hours to get back to me after initially being given the card details and then she said the money had been flipped to $1000 but the transaction was still ‘pending’, therefore she would need another vanilla card with another PIN in order to push the current one through. I requested my money back, but this person so called Alexis refused to respond to demands for the original funds of $100 only and proceeded to unfollow me on Instagram. When I checked the PIN online after her first response almost 4 hours later, it said my PIN had already been redeemed! Beware of this IG ID and telephone numbers shared above!!. I demand Justice for all!/Money Back. Stay away

  • #Alexis Williams
  • #Alexis Williams

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