Vapor Union E Cigarette Wholesale Vendors Review


Vapor Union Wholesale is an internet, phone and email SCAM. I found them online for vapor wholesale supplies for my store. I initiated contact through their Facebook page and then recieved a phone call. We proceeded to talk through text, messenger, emails and phone calls setting up a “quote” for products. I was informed my first purchase would have to be made by bank wire transfer. I tried to talk them into using my business card or Paypal. They said for security reasons I had to do my first purchase by wire. I paid them $1508.82 and never heard from them again. They will not return my emails or texts. The phone will not accept my calls. I have initiated a police report and called the FBI in Oklahoma where I live and Florida as well. I have been working with my bank and bank of the account where the money was wired to try and reverse the funds. No word yet from either one. I have been making abuse reports at domain regsistrars and the site that hosts the page as well as Facebook. I found the website at whois dot com and there are two sites. The scam site is ‘wholesales’ with an “S” at the end the other, recently abandoned by the kind gentleman who had it, was ‘wholesale’ no “S” at the end. He said he got too many complaint and searches for the scammers contacting him like I did. He sent me an email conversation he had with John Martin. It has been filed with the police reports. Next step? Put this information on s many sites as I can to prevent other law abiding, honest people from being taken by this smooth talker. Buyer BEWARE! Run, run RUN!!

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