Varsity Home Service Huntington New York Review


Long story short, this company is a rip-off and a scam. They claim to be best in class for their installations and services, but they are overpriced and generate profit through scams and tampering with equipment that would operate perfectly if installed correctly. I am under the suspicion that they install some items for the sole purposes receiving recurring house visits to constantly bill their customers. These bills are also outrageous. Prices at almost 1000%, yes with three zeroes, what other technicians would charge. They say that they honor their warranties with products that are clearly faulty, but more than make up for these warranty replacements by charging exorbitant amounts for “labor””. They take advantage of customers who do not know the proper ways to diagnose issues and refuse to answer your phone calls once they have been called out for being scam artists. The more you stay away

the better your lives will be.”

1610 Ocean Ave Bohemia, New York USA

(631) 567-4600

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