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Complaint: I met Vasa in September of 2016. He stated he managed apartment complexes. We dated and I fell very much in love with him. He stated that he wanted kids but was unable to have kids and was obviously never going to have any since he was about to be 50 years old. I stated that I could not have kids because I needed to have vascular surgery. We agreed to have a monogamous unprotected sexual relationship with the use of spermicide as a precautionary. Suddenly in December he expressed he would be going to Thailand on a planned trip with friends to see other friends who lived there. He would not discuss the nature of his trip at which time I broke off our relationship due to my fear of sex tourism in that region of the world and the abrupt announcement Right before he left for Thailand I discovered I was pregnant. He was very angry with the way I had broken off our relations. I told him that I would go to get abortion pills if that was what he wanted but that he had to go with me and help pay for the services. I had been suddenly severely lethargic and sleeping 18 or more hours a day and stopped working. He refused to go to abortion clinic, refused to pay for anything. He said he would help me raise the baby and he esentially disappeared for the entire pregnancy despite my financial crisis, health crisis etc. I discovered while I was pregnant that he actually has very vast wealth and I couldn’t understand why he would do any of this. Why would he leave abruptly when he knew I loved him, why wouldn’t he get abortion pills, why wouldn’t help financially or medically, why did he disappear ? During my entire pregnancy he allegedly used his connections in tech, social media, youtubers, his family etc to harass me, stalk me, hack every single device I own. The hackers even called my home, contacted me on facebook, youtube etc. They let me know that he had actually intended to impregnate me, that he was in love with me and that he would come back once he was done dating and travelling the world etc. I gave birth to my daughter Anna in September of 2017. Vasa came and kept none of his promises to be a good father, to be in a committed relationship, to provide for us. He continues to use his business connections to threaten me, harass me, then tell me explicitly how much he loves me and needs me. He has millions and he says he’s only willing to pay $500 a month in child support…and didn’t even pay that FYI…Yup. He lives in 2 homes worth approximately $1 Million USD – drives about a dozen cars, pays for everything in cash yet he is not willing to provide child care for our daughter while I am still sick, keep his financial promises to me and my daughter and if I get upset about his philandering and financial abuses he threatens to just steal my child in court or otherwise if I don’t submit to him. I have reported him and his associates to the FBI and local authorities. I want nothing more than to heal my body and raise my daughter peacefully.

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Address: 3060 NW 23 Avenue Oakland, Florida United States



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