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66 Customer Reviews and 341 Complaints and they get an A+ rating. I think BBB needs to review it’s rating system. I purchased tickets in Sept. 2017 for flights from Hartford, Ct. to Barcelona on 5/22/18 and from Venice to Hartford on 6/5/18 for a trip that we had been planning for a long time. In Dec. I was notified of a change in flight times (not unusual or usually a big deal). They never mentioned that the change was part of the flight was cancelled (AirBerlin went out of business). When I finally figured out what happened I asked Vayama for help. They came back and said the only options I had were to leave Venice a day early (which I couldn’t do because plans had already been made) or to fly out of Germany (it was up to me to figure out how to get to Germany and after I checked around there was no way to do that) When I explained that neither of the options they gave were feasible and that I wanted my money back they said that they can’t do it. It might be that English is a second language but to say that you can’t do something means that it is possible. What they should have said, and what they meant to say is that they won’t do something. I explained that if I went to a store and purchased a product, and it didn’t work, the store would give me back my money. I guess these rules don’t apply to Vayama. By the way, on my own using another website I was able to find flights from the destinations that I wanted on the days that I wanted. I guess Vayama isn’t that good on offering options to help out their customers either. Minor side issue, if you call and ask for a supervisor be prepared to have a long discussion with whoever answers the call (they don’t like to transfer you) and then get something to eat because you’ll be on hold for a very long time.

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