VCA VCA Miller-Robertson Animal Hospital & Dr Lisa Lomond Beverly Hills California Review


THEY KILLED MY DOG! Worst place to take your Pet! We dropped off our 10 year old Lab that we have had since he was born on a Friday morning cause we we left town and the VCA is down the street from our house. We were supposed to pick him up Friday morning. We got a call monday at 830am saying that your dog Google is sick and we had to start him on an iv, take x rays, and do blood work! i was like WTF! is this a joke! I got there 45 min later and my dog was totally non-responsive! How does my poor dog go from not doing well to non-responsive in 45 min! I called my friend who is Vet and has a animal hospital in Anaheim to speak to Dr LISA LOMOND (RETARD) and he said to bring the dog right over because what they are telling him doesn’t make sense.the worst part is they were holding my dog hostage because they said i owe them $1200.00 for an iv, x-ray and blood work! they said to keep him my dog and monitor him its gonna $7,000 and up at their 24 hour hospital. They never called to ask for my permission to do all that work on him, they just went ahead and did it. Dr Lomond said that we notice that he was out of it, was dehydrated and he was drinking lots of water over the weekend. so i paid the $1200.00 and took him to my friends hospital in Anaheim. After they evaluated him they said his body is just shutting down and that it is impossible for something like this to happen to healthy dog in just a couple hours. My poor dog was just suffering and suffering, he had no chance to survive so we had to put him to sleep.I think what really happened is that they probably gave him something to eat, he had a bad reaction to it so they tried to cover it up before we go there monday morning. when monday came around they saw that he was not doing well so they called us first thing in the morning around 830am to tell us their FAKE story! I HATE THE VCA AND DR LOMOND! the state of California should revoke Dr Lomond’s medical license!

8807 Melrose Ave los angeles, California USA

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