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I also bought a computer(everex) from those b***s on T.V. I live near the facility, about 20 miles away and had to wait two months for my purchase. nThe monitor came within two weeks, but the rest took four months to get to my door. I haven’t had any problems though. It has lived up to all of their claims. nI did get ripped off on the rebates. I am trying to nail them on that in a class action suit. The reason I believe my computer was better than what others were getting is because I do live in Pennsylvania, and the heat was on from the local DA’s in the surrounding counties and the PA. Attorney General. nRipoff Scams, keep up the good fight you are doing a great service for the “everyday people”” of this country. [email protected]. n>Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Video Computer Store

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