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My story is not unique: Retired due to health issues at age 62, I was unable to live comfortably on social security dividends. Taking any job incurs a heavynpenalty in SS tax, so I was attracted to the idea of a home-based business centered around natural health supplements. Then Christian Zajac of WorldWorks Inc., [email protected], introduced me to the VemmaBuilder concept. I was excited by the claims that Vemma, their nutritional drink, had demonstrated remarkable health benefits. nToo good to be true? I only joined VemmaBuilders on December 6, 2007. But I observed over this time that Christian sent countless emails announcing the building of long success lines assigned to me, and allegedly I would receive bonuses when these became members – if I also became a member. I recall that about 25 did become members. Since the next cycle started, on Dec. 15, the number increased to about 146. Dates show that 85 of these were already members prior to Dec. 6. There were no bonuses. Moreover, I heard from at least one former member that the nutritional beverage is also not extraordinary. nChristian himself downplays the importance of Vemma to VemmaBuilder. To be a member of VemmaBuilder is to become a human pyramid builder. Money is made from the $19.95 monthly website rentals of members and from their monthly $60 or more payment for Vemma. I would never have succeeded at deceiving poor, hardworking people into parting with their money for a dream that few will achieve in VemmaBuilder. The top of the pyramid levels the base! nAlbert paytonnEastabuchie, MississippiU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.


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