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Complaint: I brought my car to get serviced by their service department. This volvo had been in my family for 22 years, we bought it from Ventura Volvo 22 years ago and like I said we brought it in to either get a short fixed or a new fuel pump, we weren’t sure, which again is why we brought it in. This volvo was in great shape and I do mean great shape, I have the maintenance records for it, regarding anything and everything that was ever done. Well I was supposed to pick it up in about an hour and before that hour was up, I recieved a call from the service manager at Ventura Volvo, he said my car had been in an accident and that the police were there making a report and that I could pick that up at the Police Station on Monday, this was Friday and he said they had taken pictures and they were going to do their part. Later I found out that there was no Police Report, just a friendly exchange of information and that they took no blame for the accident and therefore, they began being very rude on top of lying to me about the Report and their employee being partly at fault…The only pictures were two on the service manangers cell phone, where I noticed the brake skid marks from my volvo into the accident were quite substancial and so my Husband and I went to the accident scene and they were still there, not as dark as that day but enough so that we could measure the feet and it was 50+ feet right into the place of impact. I was shocked that they took no blame. In the mean time Ventura Volvo’s insurance company Federated tryed to convince me that they owed my nothing and I talked with the General Manager and he was not only rude but had the nerve to raise his voice and say ” I am not going to get your car fixed and I am not going to write you a check to get it fixed!”” I was crying and very upset because all I did was bring my car in for a service and now I have no car…this was a family vehicle and again in great shape. I have made a complaint to the Dept of Insurance and they are investigating

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Address: but the least that should have been done is Ventura Volvo’s responsibility to actually take honest pictures of the scene and have a Proper Police Report done so that they could show they are not liable to me the client

Website: it is the least you can do. It is what anyone should do in an auto accident and then on top of this

Phone: and also take notes

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