Veronica Quintanilla – Franklin, Tennessee Tennessee


This granny hoe is the reason why I no longer want to be with my babies daddy. She worked with my husband and I thought I could trust her as a friend because I have let her babysit my son since he was born. I invited her to my kids’ birthday, I thought we were friends. It was until 2 to 3 yrs later that I found out her and my soon to be ex-husband had been fooling around at work and behind my back. Sending each other msgs days and nights and probably fucking around at work. I knew something was fishy between those 2 and decided to sneak into my husbands phone and found naked pictures and videos of this hoe playing with herself. So… if any of yall husband works with this hoe, be aware… this granny isn’t afraid to do it like she did to me.

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