Veronica Riddell – Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina


Veronica Nicole Riddell is the most disgusting insane ***** you will ever meet, and she is only 20 years old. She does nothing with her life but stalk and harass people and try to fuck her best friends boyfriends after her friends have given her rides, food, cigarettes and anything she needs because she’s too broke and doesn’t work because she’s addicted to stalking people instead. She gets excitement out of men cheating with her and using her, and she is delusional and stupid enough to think these men actually like her much less love her. She will buy herself rings and claim they are engagement rings when the man never proposed and obviously never will, and when you call her out on that lie she gets angry and makes up a bunch of delusional reasons why the man won’t address her as a fiance. She claims she is a hardcore punk, and wears ACAB patches but runs to the police and presses frivolous charges on people with lies and doctored texts claiming she’s a poor little victim when she is the one guilty of every charge she’s ever made against someone. She will then steal her ex friend’s ultrasound photos and claims it’s her own in court. Why she doesn’t steal one randomly off of google is a mystery but she wouldn’t be the creepy obsessive bitch we all know and hate. She thinks her rampant mental illness makes her cute and quirky when it’s such a problem it’s starting to disrupt people’s lives and she’s risking prison time for faking the evidence she brings in. She lies about pregnancies and abortions and when you tell her she needs mental help, she publicly posts a lie about you having a cocaine problem for spite even though she spreads her legs for toothless meth addicts and makes fun of other people miscarrying. She also BLEACHES her cats fur just to dye them teal because she thinks teal is a hardcore punk rawk color.

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