Veronica Zolnierzak – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Well let’s start with that she’s a user and she tends to have friends for a short period of time because she can’t get it in on her own but wants to try to steal your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife. She will make it seem like she’s nice but she’s a moocher and a mother of 2 herself. And don’t even have a pot to piss in cause she constantly moves like every year or every other year. She’s had 2 baby daddies and probably was trying to work on baby daddy number 3 and if she doesn’t get what she wants or gets sex off of your loved one she will threaten or extort your loved one for money for materialistic things or a tat pathetic. Now we know where your priorities are hun. She also is a wannabe massage tech. That used to work at Massage Envy in Monroeville. She apparently couldn’t keep that job so when’s she’s like that don t trust her around anyone. I wouldn’t even trust her around animals. You never know. Buy this fair warning to all women that are married, husband’s that married or anyone for that matter that she thinks she can seduce and extort…

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