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Complaint: Vested Business Brokers ( ) is a questionable company that has an Arbitration agreement that NEVER expires! Even though my contract had expired & I was not introduced to the business I purchased, they came after me! Here is my story. I signed a contract with this company on 6/8/2005 as a buyer to see ONLY one listing & never used their site ever again! (The contract expires in 2 years). Now fast forward to January of 2008. I had found a business on my own I and was doing due diligence on it. While doing so, I wanted to see what other comparable business were out there and what they were going for? I came across the again. I was told that I had to sign a contract again since I had no contract with them anymore. I refused to sign another contract with them! later that day, I got a call from the company and the broker told me what is that you are looking for? I told about the business I was about to purchase. He said I have other businesses in this area as well, just e-mail me saying you want the address for this listing # and I will send it to you. Guess what people. The broker sent me the address of the business I was purchasing on my own! I e-mailed him back stating this is the business I discussed with him. To make a long story short this company made my life a living hell for two years for no reason! At the end I had no choice but to settle with them since it was cheaper for me to do so. As buyer this company cost over $7000.00. (Buyers are not the one who should be paying the commission.)

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Address: 50 Karl Avenue, Smithtown, NY Internet United States of America


Phone: (877) 735-5224 ?

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