Viallure Review


Viallure Review, Review, Viallure Scam, Viallure Fraud nViallure sells contact lenses such as CooperVision, B&L, Solotica and other ones. nBUYER BEWARE!!! nThis company tried to scam me out of my money and tried SO HARD to do it! They acted nothing short of a scam company that only cares about money. They measures they went to to try to hold on to the money they didn’t earn was just nothing I had experienced with any company before!!! They proved that they don’t care about a customer at all, what type of products they send and after they take the money, forget about getting a refund from them, no matter what!!! nThey’re in Brazil, with no decent return policy!!! Don’t expect his company to refund your account FOR ANY REASON!!! So if you place an order with them, it’s like gambling. If you get a good product, then you got lucky. If you don’t, don’t expect them to take care of it, because they will try so hard to hold on to that money as only a desperate company would. They do ANYTHING to not give you a refund!!! nI saw another Ripoff Scams on Viallure. Not surprising and for every customer who writes a review there is at least 50 other customers who don’t bother to write anything. So 2 Ripoff Scamss on Viallure is very telling! Read other reviews online. Just search Google. Just read customer experiences and judge for yourself. nThey also seem to have a very very strange and suspicious group of following, some pathetic people on some threads that I can only assume are being paid by Viallure, because they advertise Viallure constantly and if anyone shares their experience and tells the truth about how Viallure is a SCAM company, they “try”” so hard

just like Viallure does

to shut you down and they do it very quickly! They keep attacking you and accuse you just so you don’t write anything negative about Viallure!!!! How suspecious is that thread? Can it be that Viallure is so desperate that has either employees or paid people defending the company for no reason? And when a customer is simply sharing an experience? That’s what threads are for. For people to share their experiences with that company. So the fact that they all get so defensive and rush to defend Viallure make it obvious that they have an interest in Viallure. Either they get paid by Viallure or they’re just plain nuts. nThese people are so ignorant and dumb that they don’t realize that just because they had a good experience with a company

it doesn’t mean that company doesn’t scam other customers! How ignorant can they be? They respond within minutes to any of your posts about

defending Viallure without even paying attention to the fact that you’re a customer that Viallure has tried to scam!!! And it’s suppose to be a thread that people come and share experiences

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