Vickie Jones Cornelison – San Angelo, Texas Texas


It ain’t gossip if it’s true. I have text messages from Vickie to my husband trying to hook up with him. And text messages to me admitting she banged my husband before I met him. This woman is a habitual cheater. Her husband had been sick with cancer and she’s out banging dudes. And now her husband is better and she’s still out banging dudes… Sorry hun, you ain’t gettin my man… He is done with your nasty ass. I wonder what diseases you may have brought home to your husband while his immune system was compromised. Heartless b**ch. As promised sweetie… I thought your family ought to know that you are a sl*t. At least a wh**e is charging money to support herself… But you just throw that sloppy thing out there to any 3 legged critter. If you ain’t happy with your sex life, get a divorce and stay away from husbands with crazy wives like me. Cheers!

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