Victoria Corona – Santa Paula, California California


Ok I’ve known this woman for a while and I really didn’t think too much of her. Untill I come to find out she had sex with my man arround march 2016. From the messages I found on my mans phone he’s been hooking up with here time to time and been having unprotected sex. Then after a while she comes up with the part I may. E pregnant. She has been trying to find a guy to make a baby with no matter who he is. Once the baby is born if u have one by her prepare not to be in the kids life and be on child support cause she told my ex that she will keep him from the baby if she was and put him on child support cause she will do it on her own. This woman countinues to sleep with other men while being in a relationship. She like it when it comes to her and trust and believe. She will take a dick if it comes to her. She like to play I’m the faithful card to bring a man in. U will spend ur money on this woman so be prepared to be broke. She always ask men to come to her but not her going to u. Later on come to find out she wasn’t pregnant and then comming to believe she was with someone else trying to get pregnant by them to. She loves drama and loves to be in it. Sad to say her friend at work has seen messages from other guys and continues to flirt with other guys while she’s sitting right in front of her man. This woman wrecked my relationship and is a walking disease and she wonders y no one wants to be with her. So if u know this woman make sure the guy ur talking to isn’t talking to her. One clue my man mention she has a tattoo of her last name on her neck and a tattoo of a bow tie on the back of each leg. This is one woman that makes not want to live out here in Santa Paula.

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