Victoria Humphries – Houston, Texas Texas


Victoria Humphreys of Houston/Humble Texas is the biggest fraud I have ever encountered in my life. BEWARE, and do your due diligence on this phony! Honestly, I have NEVER met such a monster of a person. She literally almost ruined my life, but the stupid lies got the best of her. Dating me she lived THREE different lives with two other men. When we were together, she will tell me everything I wanted to hear, but when she left my presence she became the lying, cheating monster. Living in Miami I caught her in some incredible lies, but nothing was worse until I received a phone call from her “other man” asking why I was reaching out to her. Come to find out she was cheating on me the whole time. Beware she has a semi- pretty face, but has the ugliest most manipulative demeanor. Unfortunately for her she messed with the wrong person. This post is not to be mistaken for a jealous x- boyfriend …believe me I want nothing to do with her. The thought of how many people she has slept with seriously grosses me out. Why expose her? Because I don’t want her destroying another man’s life and being a home wrecker. Girls like her need to be exposed for the cockroaches they are. The thought of her hurting more people in the future at the expense of her lies is sad. Honestly she’s a monster that is capable of ruining another man’s life with zero remorse. Even her own family member warned me that she will hurt anybody to get what she wants. I wish I would have known this information prior to dumping her. Victoria will do and say anything and whatever it is to get you to pay for things or take care of her and her “life needs”. The scariest thing was that Victoria fabricated her entire life to me. We were in total bliss, then when we were apart she lived a totally different life. This is where the mental instability came to light. For nearly three months she lied about almost everything! When I say everything I mean nearly -everything. Said she wanted to marry me, while at the same time saying the same BS to her one of her other two boyfriends in Houston. Both of us were separately making plans to be with her in a more serious manner …like marriage. I broke the lease on my office and had made plans to purchase a home in Houston and settle down and start a life with her. This phony even lied about her own family. A total loser mover. She lied about her own mother and father. Who does that? She said her father was an executive VP at Haliburton…NO, he drives a FedEx truck. When I asked to see a picture of her mother, she showed me a picture of someone else. The majority of the hundreds of conversations we had about life, her family and her upbringing …were all LIES. I had many people say to me that she’s a textbook example of a sociopath…All I know is that she has no empathy and will lie about anything to get a favorable reaction. Victoria even lied about her education said she graduated from Texas A&M on a Golf scholarship and was a cheerleader. Nope, she did ONE semester at Blinn College. To top it all off she lied about her several businesses, possessions and finances. Sadly her ex-boyfriend, a Houston police officer, called me and uncovered some MAJOR dirt on her. We swapped stories the whole time on how she was cheating, and her “extra- curricular” lifestyle. Comes to find out when I met her in Miami, she was actually cheating on him! Poor guy was blowing up her phone the following morning we hooked up and she told me to be quiet when she picked up. She said that it was her “crazy ex-boyfriend” and that they broke up months back. She said that he was obsessed with her. She honestly believes that every man is obsessed with her…it’s actually quite funny. Little did I know that he was calling because she didn’t answer her phone all night/morning because we were hooking up. He told me that they were fully dating and in a relationship. I felt horrible for him. My friend who actually introduced me to Victoria, actually picked her up off of Instagram. Bottom line is that she’s if she’s not currently scamming someone you could probably find her on I attached a screenshot of her on the website. Her other boyfriend (the one she cheated on me with) actually shared it with me. For those of you who don’t know what this site is all about, I suggest you do a quick little google search. It’s basically a site that women offer services (IE: Prostitution, escorting, fill in the blanks) in exchange for “arrangements”…need I say more? In speaking to her TWO other boyfriends and blood-line family member, nobody knows who was paying for her apartment that she had in the Woodlands. The reality is that there is probably a 4th man (sugar daddy) who was paying for it. Who cares at this point. Bottom line is…BEWARE. DO NOT TRUST Victoria Humphries. Her plan is to sweet talk you and tell you everything you want to hear like how much she loves you, how good-looking you are, how much she wants to have your babies and get married…all this to get your money. Victoria loves to drink in excess so don’t be surprised if you meet this monster at a bar or nightclub. She is a cockroach that needs to be exposed for the phony of a soul she really is. It’s disgusting people like this have no problems with the consequences of ruining another person’s life, a marriage or anything at the expense of her lies… Unfortunately for her she didn’t ruin mine.

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