Victoria Lindsay – Whittier, California California


This disgusting Home Wrecker Victoria Lindsay committed the adulterous deed with a man married for 25 years. Out of all the single men out there why go after a married one? Single men are disgusted by her chain smoking, whiskey sounding voice and pathetic, insecure married man with a mid life crisis is an easy target and too blind and stupid to see through her spread legs. She convinced him to leave his family and move into this 1 bedroom shack in Whittier and traded his kids in for her lazy jobless son in his 20s while two of his kids have degrees and the other 2 are in college. This man used to be a good husband and father who worked very hard for is family. His kids meant everything to him and he was so proud to show off his gorgeous wife who had been in several beauty pageants. The marriage was having it’s problems but she sexually brained washed him to be with her instead of getting counseling. His wife is the total opposite of this infected parasite he left her for. Sex makes men so stupid and I know one day he is going to wake up next to her and see who she truly is. Unfortunately, it will be too late. His children donít even talk to him now and his wife has become a much better person without him.

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