Victoria Lynn Gregory – Layfette, Tennessee Tennessee


This HOMEWRECKER knew my man was married and still presued him… my husband and I split up for about a week or so and he met her, went to her and had sex with her. Ok we were split up. No big deal. Well after we got back together, I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant with our 4th child. (2 living 1 in heaven) He swears after we got back together she was out of the picture. I found out differently. Her boyfriend started messaging me on fb saying they were still talking. So I went and looked at his call logs abd there was her number! He was still talking to her. She knew he was married and that I was pregnant and she kept talking and texting him. So when I got his phone and was acting like him, she tokd me how much she loved my husband! This pathetic nasty a$$ was still trying to get my husband to leave me (while being pregnant with his child) for her! She is a sorry excuse for a woman! Beware of this HOMEWRECKER!!!!

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