Victoria Nelson – Bluffton, South Carolina South Carolina


Victoria†Nelson is just a flat out home wrecker! She sleeps with anyone thatíll go between her legs, gf/wife or not! Doesnít matter to her! Sheíll sleep with her own mamas boyfriend! Me & this chick were best friends, more like sisters, or so I thought, ever since we were little!!! No matter what she did or what people said about her, I was always her BFF and was always there for her!! One night my boyfriend and I were arguing and he left and got wasted! Come to find out, she slept with him!!! Itís not like he was just any guy, he was the father of my children and love of my life!! Sorry excuse for a friend & a dirty [email protected]!! Iíve literally heard the same story about her and everyone elseís husbands too!

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