Victoria (Torie) Kidd New Hampshire New Hampshire


My Husband had mentioned her name before Torie Kidd he told me she was a police officer. I didnít hear this name mentioned much after this. I was suspicious that something was going on he was keeping is phone very close to him, not coming to bed right away. One night I left the room and sat on the couch with him he was texting nonstop. I could see in the reflection of his glasses that it wasnít the usually text message background. I asked many of times whom he was talking to. He gave me someoneís name. That night I couldnít sleep so I got up went into the family room and tried to get my computer to work so I could check his cell phone log. The computer didnít want to load. He came out and asked what I was doing I told him I didnít believe him and I was looking at his phone records. He told me I was being paranoid and that there was nothing to worry about and to come back to bed. I did and I proceeded to tell him he better not be messing around with someone else. I did get the phone logs up later and saw that he was talking to her for 20 to 30 minutes on a regular base gave me some BS response that she didnít want to be a police officer anymore and wanted to know more about firefighting. He also told me she was making me a necklace for our 5 year anniversary. I didnít have any real proof that he was being inappropriate with her at that time as that month was both our anniversary and my birthday.Time past and he left his phone on his bedside table while he showered. I found this app called Whats App and saw her name but no messages. However I saw that he had sent kissy faces to her from the recent area on the app. He insisted he had sent them to me and that he had the perfect family and house why would he mess it up. He deleted the app and headed to work. More time passes and he left his phone in the bathroom. I locked the door and opened his phone up there was no searching this time it was the last thing he was doing talking to her. Their conversation was nonstop all day. It was suppose to be a family day our daughter was playing soccer. It took me awhile to read through it then there it was her saying ďI was so happy to wake up with you this morning. Next was a kissy face. My heart dropped. My husband realized he didnít have his phone and tried to get into the bathroom. He broke down crying telling our kids he loved them and me that he F***ed up.From what he has told me she invited him over to her house twice and he went and spend the night. He as only admitted to making out with her and snuggling at night with her. She knew he was married and knew he had young kids at home. To make this worse my husband had asked me while we were in an airport if he could work overtime the next day. I said sure but only the day, no working the night. He was so excited to go to work the next day. Turns out he didnít go to work he went to her house to help change her motorcycle tire then she invited him to spend the night so he called home with some bull shit reason and even spoke to his 2 year old daughter and lied to her about having to work.I have messaged Torie to try to get her side of the story but she is a coward and will not respond. All the information I have is from my husband. I do have an email she wrote in response to my husband in it she writes ďKissing and some cuddling, while may have been in very poor taste.Ē She doesnít seem to feel bad that she did all this with a married man I thought police officers were held to a higher moral standard. She also writes ďIím a little sad to loose (lose) such a great friend over this.Ē Really over having an affair with a married man, she says it like itís nothing.Revelation 21:8But as for the COWARDLY, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the SEXUALLY IMMORAL, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death. || Sever and protect. . .

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