Victor’s Leather Walnut California Review


I decided to Google a specific designer leather jacket that I had been looking for in the last 5 months since visited a shop in LAX. Low and behold, I ended up finding it on the site and of course, I was quite surprised by seeing it at a price that was 75% below retail and 40% cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen before. My first flag was that the credit card processing didn’t work. My greed didn’t let me stop there, I decided to use the paypal option since I have an account and I am actually alright with how Paypal protectors buyers. Second flag was the email [email protected]. After the purchase, my Paypal receipt showed that it was sent to him so that was a first huge sign. Then I Googled the name. Turns out his name is Abdul Ghafoor: +92 0301 7422130 +92 0315 6336082 So, of course, I decided to do some more research and now I saw inconsitencies all over in the site. They were using the address of a Victor’s Leather Repair in Walnut, CA (I called them and let them know they were being used to help people who may call them). I also called the number and told Abdul that is wasn’t nice to try to steal from people and that Paypal will get to learn all about him. Also, he was trying to purchase fraudelent currency back in June of 2012. I also called the number on the domain registration and let them know (Also spelt victer on that) He also called back and told me to pull the dispute so he could send the product from the factory in Pakistan to California, lol. Yes, I had been had. It is my fault for seeing a deal too good to be true but luckily enough, I want to make sure every any anyone else will be able to see this and not make a single purchase on the site represented at The site was well laid out, and my first google searches did not pull anything up. Now hopefully since I am publishing this report, it now will and will protect some others from getting scammed.

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