Victra / Diamond Wireless Complaint


After being Verizon customers for years, in December 2017 we went to the Verizon Retailer Store in Alameda, Ca operated By Victra, an authorized Verizon retailer an we purchased 2 iPhone 8″s, 2 wireless chargers and 2 cases to protect them. We were told that since we were buying these items we qualified for a “FREE” Asus tablet due to the promotion they were having. Since we already have an iPad, we didn”t really need it but since it was “FREE”, we decided we would accept it and give it to one of our grandsons. We finally signed for the 2 phones, received our “FREE” tablet and accessories, paid $546.20 and left the store. A month later we received our first bill for the new phones and found our cost more than doubled. Looking through the details, we found they had signed us up for phone insurance, which we did not request or approve and there was another phone number added to our account which we did not request, approve or sign for. This line had a $40.00 activation fee and a $19.00 a month service fee along with a 2 year commitment. We did not request this and were not informed this was part of the “FREE” tablet. We spent much time at the store and after much ado they removed the insurance but not the additional line and upsell items we were charged for without our knowledge…they said we would have to work with Verizon to solve that issue and when we called Verizon they said they could not remove the line because Victra has it”s own rules and Victra would be responsible for removing that line. After a second visit to Victra regarding this issue and a second run around and refusal to correct this fraudulent act…we are on the hook for over $450.00 for the 2 year commitment and have filed a consumer complaint with the office of the Attorney General.

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